Abigail Adams And Abigail Adams Analysis

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In a letter dated March 31, 1776, Abigail Adams requests his husband John Adams not to forget about the women’s rights in the Continental Congress and in the fight for American’s Independence from Great Britain.
This piece of text belongs to a series of letters Abigail Adams and John Adams wrote to each other while they were separated between 1762 and 1801. This correspondence of over 1000 letters remains in the Massachusetts Historical Society. Those letters, “Remember the Ladies” letter included, are historical documents; they are eyewitnesses to all the matters and events of that time since they wrote each other about the political issues of the day.
Moreover, due to these letters Abigail’s life is one of the most documented of the first...

John Adams was born on October 30th of 1735 in Massachusetts. He studied law at the University of Harvard. He early became identified with the patriot cause. He contributed in the Continental Congress that was the governing body by which the American colonies coordinated in order to create a resistance group against the British rule. Moreover, he was a member of the committee who wrote the Declaration of Independence. Later, he became the first American ambassador in Great Britain. Following, he was the first Vice President under President George Washington. In 1796, he was elected to follow Washington as the president. He won the elections becoming the second President of the United States. Likewise, he is one of the Founding...

John would write to Abigail talking about the meetings and the situation and asking for her advice. She would reply saying her opinion and bringing up to date the family matters.
“Remember the Ladies” letter is one of the letters she wrote while John was serving in the Continental Congress. Abigail had strong ideas about what the Congress and the new government, which he and his colleagues were forming, should take into account and that is what transmitted in her letter.
First of all, Abigail poses a series of question regarding violence and how things were being dealt. She seems to dislike the process of the revolution.
Afterwards, Abigail claims to want an independency and what is going to say next doesn’t mean she doesn’t “long to hear that you have declared an independency”, as she writes. She does want to hear that, but she also wants to take into account women in the new Code of Laws. That’s why she urges his husband to be generous and favourable with women in the new government. She tells her husband that she “desire(s) you would Remember the Ladies”. And this last sentence is the most remembered and highlighted of the whole...
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