Abercrombie Fitch 4Ps Products

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Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F)

Products (Revised):

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. is a leading specialty clothing retailer. It always utilizes sex appeal to sell its products. A&F often uses semi-nude models with rock hard abs on their new store opening ceremony and puts posters on the wall of store with hot semi-nude Caucasian. A&F prefers to decorate their store with dark jungle feel. All of those strategies aim the same target, the sex attraction.

A feature which can make a huge distinction from other brands is that A&F doesn’t stock XL or XXL sizes for women clothing. It claimed that they want “cool kids”. The reason why they took this strategy is because the company wants to inspire consumers to strive for the Abercrombie & Fitch “lifestyle.” Abercrombie & Fitch sells a “lifestyle” of popularity that people aspire to have (Reichert, 2003). Their advertisements imply that A&F is a fastidious and attractive brand and if you can have their clothing and then you can be the one of them. This characteristic makes the market polarized heavily. In the one hand, this declaration attracts some customers of its target groups indeed. Because people always want to be considered as “chic” and “fashionable”. So if there is a way can make them feel being cool, they will go for it. And they also want to beat others in anyways. A&F gives the opportunities for those people exactly. The “not cool” people even can’t fit in the clothing of A&F. Also as Jeffries said, those “cool kids” have their “cool” friends, and then A&F can become a new fashion. On the other hand, this overt and cruel design results a consequence of losing profits of excluding customers. They can’t fit in those small sizes so they won't buy them certainly. The worse thing is that they may hate this brand. Now there are many video on YouTube of blaming A&F’s strategy.

The target markets of A&F’s products are divided in detail. It aims the younger generation in the US generally. The target market falls between...
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