Abdication Crisis

Topics: Edward VIII of the United Kingdom, Wallis, Duchess of Windsor, George VI of the United Kingdom Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: October 16, 2014
The Abdication Crisis of 1936

The abdication crisis was caused by the relationship between the king (Edward VIII) and his lover (Wallis Simpson). After Edward’s father died who was king at the time, Edward took his place as king. However Edward abdicated the throne to marry Wallis Simpson. During Edward’s reign, he was known by the people he worked around with as irresponsible especially when doing official documents but in the public eye Edward was popular. There were many discussions between the government and the royal family to try and persuade Edward not to marry Wallis Simpson. The first being that she has had 2 divorces , many people thought that she wanted to be married to Edward for money. Also by Edward marring Wallis Simpson he would break his own laws. The Church of England which he was head of has a law that prevents people whom have had a divorce to marry again therefore he is breaking his own laws. Unfortunately Edward felt that it was necessary to abdicate the throne to marry Wallis Simpson. After he abdicated the throne Edward and Wallis Simpson moved to Paris and got married there. Edward now had the title, Duke of Windsor .

Churchill’s role in the abdication crisis was to try and do the best for Edward. He realized that he was becoming an unpopular king as the press reported on his love relationship with Wallis. Churchill didn’t speak to Edward personally. Instead he sent Beaverbrook to try and persuade him to abdicate quickly. Churchill focused on the good of the country during the abdication crisis. He feared that if Edward married Wallis whilst in power the public would look differently at the Royal family.
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