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Running Head: The Learning Styles for Becoming a Master Student

The Learning Styles for Becoming a Master Student
Marian L. Harris-Gooden
Columbia College

The learning style inventory (LSI), has no restriction in balancing ones preferences to learn however, the individual will favor one over the others in the four stages. I used converges, diverges, assimilator, and accommodator method to deciding which approach works best for me. Kolb’s theory differs from Gardener’s theory for learning and I preferred Kolb’s theory over Gardener’s theory. I am more of a research person and always searching for facts and why more so than the how concept with opinions. I am more of an observer than a hand on person. This paper shows how I came to my conclusion on balancing preference for learning styles and what I found work best for me.

The Learning Styles for Becoming a Master Student
David Kolb’s theory of learning styles is one of the best know and widely used in the course of “Becoming a Master Student,” (Ellis, 2013). Kolb’s theory involves a learning in a cycle process which consist with an individual proceeding through each of the four stages, (what, why, how, and what) and that the individual will eventually prefer and rely upon one style more than the others. At the end of my paper I will have come to an conclusion on which style works best for me and why. Diverges is also called reflective observation, converges are active experimentation, assimilators are abstract conceptualization, and accommodators are called concrete experience. Just looking at it from a brief perspective without research, I would pick accommodator but that is not my final judgment. Personal perspective when it comes to learning as long as I keep it interesting and sometimes fun, it makes it much easier for me to grasped a concept and apply learning to anything, at anywhere, and at any time. I call that the natural learner however, when it comes to school I know...
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