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Advantages of Living in the City

I. As a result, it is the place of jobs opportunities, easy to run business, easy to get information and it also the place where educational opportunity, super markets, transportations, entertainments, sport clubs, cultural centers and social services are located.

II. The capital city is the place which everything is taken placed. A. Jobs opportunities for all people who live in the city. 1. Some people work in factories and companies.
2. Some people work in entertainments clubs and services stations. B. Meanwhile the city is also the place where many businesses are running. 1- To run business the owner must have enough money (capital). 2- To choose the good location for running business.

C. In addition, living in the city is also easy for getting information from everywhere or Fromother parts of the world.
1- People can communicate each other through Internet, E-mail, and Mobile phone easily and use short time and a little money. 2- They can also access their publications in their specific fields. 3- It let people communicate quickly and easily by typing a document into one computer, which then appears on another one perhaps across the country or to another nation in a short time. D. Furthermore, the educational opportunity in the city is higher than the countryside because there are many schools both public and private, institutes, and universities in the city, so it is very easy for learners who seek for educational opportunity. 1- In the city there are schools, institutes, universities.

a- Most schools consist of modern facilities.
b- The teachers are high quality educated, skillful and experiences. 2- Some universities have their own companies or partnership companies. E- Besides the above advantages, the city is also easy for shopping because there are a lot of super markets and shopping centers which you can buy what you want easily. 1- Easy go shopping because there are...
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