ABC Crises Intervention

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The Case of Sally & Mike
Feliesha Ross
Kaplan University

Kimberly Platt

The Case of Sally & Mike
In the case of Sally & Mike it’s pretty typical of a mother to be heartbroken, as well as in a different state of mind after losing a child, well at least you would think. Thinking about this case as well as hearing about it you could definitely tell this family was in a crisis. Mike, feels at loss due to not being able to help his wife because he is experiencing a different kind of mourning. Applying the ABC mode of crisis intervention as well as utilizing Kubeler-Ross’ five stages of death may just be up Sally and her husband’s lane.

Six months ago Sally & Mike lost their six year old son to cancer. Thinking about it; this is every parent’s nightmare. No one want’s to bury their son, let alone have to experience the pain. Mike, is a loving supporting husband all in all when Sally feels like she has nothing else to live for. She is experiencing what Kubler-Ross’ called the five stages of death and dying. Not everyone goes through all five stages or even in order. From the sounds of it Sally is in stages three & four where she has bargained with god to take her and bring her son back (Kanel, 2007). Moreover, when the bargaining has failed heavy depression has set in; this consists of where her feelings of loss become inevitable and overwhelming (Kanel, 2007). Therefore, Sally’s husband feels lost and overwhelmed himself and he should seek counseling for her this can help with the final stage for Sally to cope as well as function again with daily activities.

Therefore, with Kubler-Rpss’ five stages of death and daying, a good solution here would be utilizing the ABC model, which is a method of conducting a very brief mental health interviews with clients like Sally, whose functioning level has decreased by a psychosocial stressor (Kanel, 2007). In this case Sally losing her son would be an example for...

References: Kanel, K., (2007). A Guide to Crisis Intervention [Third Edition].
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