ABC Company, Inc.: Leading Supplier of Fiberboard Products in Europe and North America

Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Sample Company Profile
Gaining company intelligence on competitors and top performers in your industry is the key to increased productivity and profitability. The following shows the type of information you will receive in a Company Profile. The Company Information section contains core company contact information, an operational and financial overview, and a listing of key personnel.

ABC Company, Inc.
1240 South Main Expressway Arlington, VA 32451 Phone: 111-342-5400 Fax: 111-342-5401 Annual Sales: $42.5 million Total Employees: 46 Employees at This Location: 12 Primary Line of Business: Reconstituted Wood Products (SIC 2493) Management Directory: • Winston S. Churchill, President and Chief Executive Officer • William Blake, Vice President of Product Development • Joseph Jacobs, Vice President of Sales • Josephine Richards, Human Resources Executive • Robert E. Lee, Plant Manager Business Profile: Since its founding in Bavaria in 1872, ABC Company, Inc. has become the leading supplier of fiberboard products in Europe and North America, with offices in 12 cities worldwide, including the U.S. Headquarters in Arlington, VA. This is the only remaining fabricator of wood panel products constructed with hand-ground wood fibers. The company expanded its operations in China in 2006 with the construction of new kilns in Beijing. The Company News section contains recent company press releases and articles from regional and national news sources, when available. Company News: “ABC Sees Exports Increasing in India,” International Chip Digest, December 10, 2007. With market conditions expected to see record demands in numerous cities throughout India over the next ten years, according to Jones Market Analysts, exports from ABC’s facilities in Germany will exceed forecasts… “Company Expands Production in Southern States,” Arlington Daily News, March 16, 2005. ABC chief executive officer Churchill has announced construction of new processing plants in the U.S. states of...
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