ABC Adaptations Project

Topics: DNA, Genetics, Mutation Pages: 14 (621 words) Published: February 17, 2015
ABC Adaptations Project
By: Danielle Konlian

A is for Adaptions
Adaptions happen when organisms change their habits in order to survive and reproduce.

B is for Behaviors
Behaviors, body parts and body coverings change when an animal adapts.üßlippfisch.jpg

C is for Climate Change
Climate change is one of the causes of frogs dying off.

D is for DNA
DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) determines who we are! If there is a mistake in coping the DNA, then it creates a mutation.
E is for Eco-friendly
An Eco- friendly tip is to not overuse your resources; like water and electricity.

F is for Frogs
Frogs are in trouble because of habitat destruction and over harvesting. G is for Genes
Genes and DNA determine an organism’s traits.

H is for Humans
Humans use frogs for medicine and research purposes.

I is for Ice survival
Ice survival is critical to keeping some animals alive in the winter.

J is for Jaguars
Jaguars have adapted to their environment by developing spots to confuse their predators. K is for Keeping our Earth clean
Keeping our Earth clean is very important for other species’ survival.

L is for Lowering the use of water
Lowering the use of water and electricity can lower our ecological footprint.

M is for Mutation
Mutations are caused by a change in a gene or chromosome.

N is for Nocturnal
Nocturnal animals sleep during the day and hunt during the night. This is an adaptation. Woman/Nocturnal_Animals_Lesson_Plans_medium.jpg O is for Omnivores
Omnivores are animals that have adapted to their surroundings by eating both plants and animals.

P is for Polar bears
Polar bears are white because of genetic variation.
Q is for Quills
Quills on a porcupine are used as defense against predators to help them survive.

R is for Retnoids
Retnoids are messing up the normal way tadpoles mature into frogs, resulting in a genetic variation.

S is for Size
The size of an animal can help them survive.

T is for Trematode
Trematode could be causing amphibian abnormalities. U is for Ultraviolet rays
Ultraviolet rays can destroy DNA resulting in genetic mutation in some animals.

V is for Very brightly colored animals
Very brightly colored animals are less likely to survive because they cannot camouflage with their habitat.
W is for Webbed Feet and Wings
Webbed feet and wings are...
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