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Chapter 10
Prompting and
Transfer of Stimulus

Prompting and Transfer of
Stimulus Control
Used to develop stimulus control
(to get the right behavior to occur at the right
time – in the presence of the SD)
Used to develop new behaviors
Teaching Trevor to hit a baseball
Teaching skills to kids with autism
Learning new material for a class

Prompting and Transfer of Stimulus
Control is used by:
People who need to teach or train others

What is a Prompt?
An antecedent stimulus or event that
controls a response
A prompt gets the behavior to occur in the
correct situation so the behavior can be
SD + prompt  R  SR

Types of Prompts
Response prompts
Stimulus prompts

Response prompts:
Involve the behavior of another person
- Verbal prompt
- Gestural prompt
- Modeling prompt
- Physical prompt

Stimulus prompts:
Involve change in an antecedent stimulus
- Within stimulus prompt
-Position, size, shape, color, intensity
- Extra-stimulus prompt
-Pictorial assistance with assembly line work
-X marks the spot (“Which is left?”)

Response vs. Stimulus
– Good for?
– Adding new behaviors to a repertoire

– Good for?
– Helping establish stimulus control

SD (prompt) ------------> R -------------> SR
Baseball thrown ----> swing the ---------> hit the
by pitcher
bat correctly
(coach’s assistance)
get praise
Written word “ENTER” ----> student ----> praise
(teacher says “enter”)
says “enter”

Transfer of Stimulus Control
Getting the behavior to occur in the
presence of the SD without prompts
Prompt delay

Gradual removal of a prompt while the response
occurs in the presence of the SD
Prompt fading - Gradually removing the response
Example: Coach provides less and less physical
assistance to Trevor to hit the ball
Stimulus fading - Gradually removing the
stimulus prompt
Example: Over time, the X on the back of a child’s
hand fades, allowing “left” response in presence
of “Which is your left hand?” SD

– Used when you think the individual might not need a high level of prompting

– Used when you think the individual might need a higher
level of prompting
– Verbal prompt
– Gestural prompt
– Modeling prompt
– Physical prompt

Prompt Delay
Present the SD, wait X number of seconds, then
present the prompt (if needed)
The teacher shows the word to Natasha and
waits 4 sec.
If Natasha does not say the word, the teacher
says the word as a prompt

Using Prompting and Fading

Choose the most appropriate prompt strategy

Type? Response? Stimulus? Least-to-most? Most-to-least?

2. Get the learner’s attention
3. Present the SD

Might not know most effective prompt strategy until here

4. Prompt the correct response
5. Reinforce the correct response


Magnitude manipulations

Fade the prompts over trials

Small/Large or Fast/Slow

7. Continue to reinforce unprompted responses
8. Use intermittent reinforcement for…


Using Prompting and Fading to Study
for an ABA Exam
SD (+Prompt) -----------> R ----------->SR
practice test question
(+ prompt)

correct answer


Prompt =
– looking up the correct answer

Fade prompts until you can answer the question
without looking it up

Using Index Cards to Study
SD - A question on one side
R - Providing the correct answer
Prompt - The correct answer on the other
side of the index card
Fading - Look at the answer on the card
less and less until you can give the
answer without looking

Think of your own prompts…
Physical prompts for getting a dog to
come on command?
Stimulus prompts to increase putting
Prompts & Fading

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