Ab105 Organizational Behavior Critical Thinking

Topics: Distributive justice, Justice, Management Pages: 4 (940 words) Published: February 23, 2010
AB105 Organizational Behavior Critical Thinking

The Management of Organizational Justice

By Russell Cropanzano, David E.Bowen, and Stephen W.Gilliland

Summary of the key issues

This paper has addressed the organizational justice from various aspects and provided recommendations to enhance the fairness in the managerial activities.

Firstly, it has discussed the importance of justice in workgroup from its long-range benefits, social and ethical considerations. Secondly, the authors analyzed the three components of organizational justice, namely distributive, procedural and interactional justice in details to highlight the differences between the three in business activities. Next, the paper summarized the influences of organizational justice and these include enhanced trust and commitment, improved job performance, more helpful organizational citizenship behavior, as well as greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. Lastly, after identifying the critical significance of organizational justice in building a company’s identity, recommendations on how to enhance the fairness in managerial activities are proposed. The authors had cited examples from several past studies and discussed from five angles which are hiring, performance appraisal, reward systems, conflict management and downsizing.

Other Theoretical Perspectives on Organizational Justice

This paper has mentioned the equity theory which is one of the earliest theories of justice brought by Aristotle. This theory emphasizes that people should be paid in proportion to their contributions. Nevertheless, equity theory focuses more on the distributive justice. Through careful research, there are other perspectives and positions on this issue.

Fairness heuristic theory

Fairness heuristic theory is concerned with how people react to outcomes of their authorities, and makes some predictions concerning the relationship between perceived fairness of procedures, perceived fairness of outcomes...
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