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Ab Workout

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The Abdominal workouts help strengthen your lower and upper abdominal muscles to build core strength and endurance. In order to maintain a good workout you need to do 3-5 Ab exercises 3-5 times a week and you need proper nutrition routine.
The best 5 techniques are: 1. Bicycle-it uses every muscle in your abs to create a strong, lean torso. Do 10-16 reps.

2. The Plank-challenges your Transverse Abdominis as well as the muscles of your back. Position yourself as though you're about to do a pushup and hold that pose, making sure your body is in one long, straight line from head to toes. Hold as long as you can.

3. Crunches on the ball-challenges your abs in a whole new way while also working other muscles in your body like your legs and butt. Instead of doing crunches on the floor, lie on an exercise ball.

4. Reverse crunch-great for working your obliques and it helps you target the lower portion of your abs as well. Put an exercise ball under your knees. Make sure you contract your abs and use them to lift your hips off the floor.

5. Ab slide-This exercise also challenges the abs in a different way, but it's an advanced exercise so pay close attention to your back. The movement involves rolling or sliding your hands out, using your abs and back to keep your body straight and then contracting them to pull back in.

Doing these exercises will help: • The muscles of your abs stabilize your torso to maintain good posture. • Strong abs and back muscles are crucial for preventing lower back injury and pain. • Everything you do; walk, bend, sit, stand, reach, and lift, involves your abs and back. If your torso isn't strong or is imbalanced, you can seriously hurt yourself.
It’s important everybody exercises and eats healthy because if not, then we would probably die sooner than we would like. Therefore, Ab workouts are a good way to start exercising.

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