Ab-Inbev Supply Chain

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Anhueser Busch-InBev Global Supply Chain
Anhueser Busch-InBev has recently agreed to a 5-year contract with IBM in an attempt to improve its global supply management capabilities. Anhueser Busch- InBev was looking for a way to improve its management operations considering that it has over 200 brands and does business in as many as seven different languages and had over 25,000 eauctions last year alone. (IBM) To achieve its consistently high satisfaction while maintaining large amounts of successful eauctions Anhueser Busch-InBev is calling on the cloud technology of IBM. Anhueser Busch-InBev is a company that has been around for 150 years and it has a system that has proven to be successful. Anhueser Busch-InBev owns their distribution centers, supply centers and agricultural/ ingredient centers. This definitely helps when reducing the costs of the supply chain. They have to outsource their transportation efforts to a third party but other than that the information flow and the data exchange is smooth and seamless (Li). By not having their own transportation, they don’t have additional expense in payroll, nor do they have trucks, or special equipment, or warehouses that they have to incur the costs on. (Li) The list of ingredients in beer is not any kind of secret. But the way they are manipulated and manufactured is the difference in good and great products. Anhueser Busch-InBev gets only the finest ingredients only after research and inspection of the select products is tested. Anhueser Busch-InBev gets its barley from farms located in only Montana and Idaho (Anhueser Busch-InBev). Anhueser Busch-InBev has its own hops fields in both Bonners Ferry, Idaho and in the Hallertau Region of Germany (Anhueser Busch-InBev). Anhueser Busch-InBev is the number one importer of rice in the United States (Anhueser Busch-InBev). Along with purchasing rice, they also have their own fields in Jonesboro, Arkansas (Anhueser Busch-InBev).
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