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ite collar crime i

angladesh is not the out of victim of white collar crime, rather this type of crime lead the countryinto a higher corrupted country in the world from 200
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correspondingly. Here the politicianswho hold the power are mostly criminalized and corrupted. The higher educated people who sit inthe higher position of the governmental body commit different types of corruption. The businessgroups take the chance and they also encourage the officers and politicians to engage in corruptionfor their own shake. The professions of humanity such as Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, NGO holder,teachers are not out of this. That doesnt mean that the all people in the high class are corrupted andcriminalized but the number of good people are very few.However these white collar crimes have a massive impact over the society. It encourages the bluecollar crime and crime top to bottom in an institution. Corruption has many meanings, in B

angladeshit properly stands for the meaning of the misuse of public power for private profit, associated withthis there are some corruption which done by the higher class for their own benefits. For example,the officers in the governmental public service who are known as elite group take the ghoosh (

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from the clients for the patronage or persuasion known as
.As these corruptionare the violation of law and social values, these are taken as the crime by the higher class people. Areport taken from TI B

shows that the higher class officers are the most corrupted in thegovernmental body than from the lower class officials.
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