Aap Graduate Mentor Program

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Statement of Purpose Guide

The AAP Graduate Mentor Program provides assistance in reviewing your Statement of Purpose for graduate school applications. Graduate student mentors offer constructive suggestions on your statement of purpose and also provide samples of previous statements from successful applicants. To serve your needs better, we require that you bring a first draft of your statement of purpose at least one month before your application deadline. Make it concise and limit the statement to one or two pages. This step by step outline has been considered effective by many advisers in the graduate school application process. What follows is a basic format of what your statement should include.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ State your general reason or your goals for pursuing graduate study. Make your opening statement relevant; be sure to get the attention of the reader Be bold and assertive and use active verbs at all times. Be creative and unique by stating your special qualities and career goals.

♦ Describe those experiences that will serve as a foundation towards your graduate studies. ♦ Discuss your expertise and accomplishments during your undergraduate years research, seminars, tutoring and any special projects). ♦ Relate your expertise, accomplishments, and undergraduate studies to the proposed graduate program. ♦ Discuss specific learning experiences that demonstrate your motivation and inspiration for graduate school. ♦ Discuss other relevant experiences, such as research, jobs, or community services, including names of organizations (make sure they relate to your proposed study).

♦ Describe your community and family background and relate it to your field of interest (state if you are an ethnic minority, a women, from a low-income background, or have a disability). ♦ How is your proposed study going to enrich the field and your community? ♦ Give examples of personal attributes that...
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