Aam Aadmi vs Corruption

Topics: Economic growth, The Rising, The Nation Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: September 20, 2011
Three cheers for Aam Admi… but where is he? …what all I can see around is… Bekar Admi and Khas AdmI Of late, it has become  sort of fashionable to use the word Aam Admi for anything and everything.As if, it’s  a coinage with a proverbial strength.It can justify all your governance and mis-governance.  It can win you elections. It can make you look like a dedicated fighter for a cause. It can make you feel like a  protector  or a big messiah ..One  simple word and so much of utilities , if you know how and where to use it .So for anything, our govt., oppositions and for that matter any or many in politics or media would talk about the proverbial Aam admi. Petrol price hike ?  Aam admi is talked about.

Power tariff increases….Again  Aam  admi is the centre of discussions. Milk price hike….what will happen to Aam  Admi?
Fight against corruption…naturally to save the Aam Admi
Inflation, inflation, inflation…how will the Aam admi live ?...  The link goes on and on…
 Now, who is this Aam admi?
 What is shape and size?
Where he lives and what he does?
Why the whole nation is busy talking about him every now and then…for anything and everything?  A little groping…and I discovered a different truth, that I still think may not match to the perceptual  imagery  of Aam admi …as many may tend to see.  A little insightful, I tried to see the image of Aam admi in my mind’s eye, I found  something more revealing…though perplexing.  In a 120 crore population , can you guess how many are Aam admis ?Those who are hard hit by inflation and things like that.? 60 crore.? 80 crore?  100 crore? Closer to that?

 NO. think again.
 You may soon see a different reality. A shocking reality!
Yes, there you are. If you, by chance, tend to think that the teeming, suffering millions in any dark corner of our country are also Aam admis …think again!!.  These 70 to 80%  of the population …say about 80 to 90 crore people… I call them Bekar Aadmi. Yes, make no mistake.  I repeat it....
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