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Tired John Stuart Gladwin , has escape before the execution day turn up . He has successfully escape from the prisons three times and this is his fourth escape from last decades . One of the guard witness that Gladwin escape by breaking through the timber ceiling and lowering himself to the ground with a rope fashioned from bedclothes. Still wearing irons. The other guards said that he had been hit by Gladwin , when trying to go after him . When the other guards came , Gladwin was too fast to catch , even though they bring their dogs to track and hunt him . Gladwin is ainfamous American robber, burglar and thief. He was born into a poor family, he was apprenticed as a Self employed in tool supplies but took to theft and burglary in 2007, with little more than a year of his training to complete. He was arrested and imprisoned 4 times and escape , make him a infamous public figure. When he was 6, his father was death and no one continue his father job’s as a tool supplies . Unable to support her family without her husband's income , so his mother sent him to an elementary school . Gladwin was treated badly and he become irresponsible and brutal . he was never graduated from the school , so his mother take him back home , and let him continue his father works .His business was not running well. He started his crime by robbing a woman in the market and arrested . his last crime was robbing the old woman’s bag , and stab her to death. Because she don’t want to give her bag to him. He is a small man, only 6'0" tall and medium built, but deceptively strong. He had a pale face with large, green eyes, a wide mouth and a quick smile . He has thick black hair, please if anyone see him report and call 111 immediately . He is very dangerous person , he armed with handguns and 9 millimeter rifle. There is a reward $50000 for information leading directly to the arrest of John Stuart Gladwin

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