Topics: Employment, Teacher, Hobby Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: November 7, 2013
Hobbies are a very essential part on people because it shows who they truly are. However when people turn their hobbies to jobs, it even becomes more entertaining and interesting than before. There are a lot of ways to turn the hobby into a professional career but the most common methods are, teaching what you love to others, being very patient and enthusiastic for your hobby and fixing and repairing items related to your hobby. It is also said that when your work is your hobby it becomes really interesting and catchs a lot of attention from others .As some say “your use of the word "hobby" caught my eye. There are a few words and types of business operations that tend to attract the attention of Internal Revenue Service agents. A hobby-oriented business is one of them” (Susan Schreter, 2011).

First of all teaching others about your hobby will let you be extremely motivated and happy about it; therefore, it goes to support the path to your success of transforming your hobby into a career that will lead you into happiness with no end. Teaching others will also let you help the younger ones to develop great skills that you developed which helps you to be more motivated about your hobby turning into a job. For example if a man who loves to draw decides to teach children about basic drawing in a private school, this will lead the man to become a very developed professional artist also this art teacher will be able to meet people from different organizations that need an artist and they may hire the art teacher. People can also do their own private classes related to their hobbies while they are at college or they may create their own online lessons. It does not matters where the teaching is, whether it’s on the computer or it is on a school or college, what matters is doing this for the sake of your hobby.

Secondly, being patient and enthusiastic about your hobby becoming a job is very difficult and complicated. As a result it needs a lot of effort and time....

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