APM (APS) And How It Relates To Your Future Goals

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1. Explain in detail what you aim to learn within your college of choice (APM/APS) and how it relates to your future goals.
The stories of many famous and successful people had inspired me from when I was young. Since then, it had become my dream to achieve global success by my own hands, to take the risks that others feared, and contribute for the development of this world. I intend to achieve this through the means of business and economics, for they mostly ignore the barriers of politics and culture, and can cause significant impact on the lives of many around the world.
The immense prestige held by Japan and APU in the Asia Pacific region has led me to choose APM in hopes of learning the ways of business, management, and economy- among other
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Sometimes I make it out with favorable results. And at other times, I don’t. There are many small details that a speaker must be aware of while communicating with others. Small as they are, their impact can either make or unmake the flow of a conversation itself.
At times where I’ve failed to find my footing in an interview or a presentation, I would just lose my mind and fail to communicate clearly with my listener. These are the times that I would look back into later on, realize where I made my mistakes, and just wished I had the confidence back then to just speak out my mind.
So then I trained. I looked up many great people that had delivered inspiring speeches, terrific discoveries, and thought provoking talks. When it was my time to step up onto the stage, I would try to imitate them, imagining I was the charismatic leader that many had followed. In time, the skills came naturally to me. I would no longer need to put on a farce of someone else, for I can talk fluently as my own self.
In the end, I believe confidence is the key of proper communication. If you must, then fake that confidence. But in time, you will master it on your

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