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A2b Sample Part A Essay Plan

By abena188 Apr 21, 2015 265 Words
Explain the problems facing government in 1906
Essay Plan

1. Economic problems – industry (Least serious)
British industrialists believed USA and Germany were overtaking them British industrial growth rate of 2.3% was only half that of USA By 1910 British industrial exports made up only 10% of world trade (Germany=20% and USA=40%) Caused concern amongst industrialists and government that Britain’s predominant place in the international economy was under threat Least serious problem because British economy was still in a strong position. Many historians see economic growth in this period

2. Social problems – poverty (More serious)
1871-1911 population in towns doubled
Led to overcrowding, malnutrition, ill health
4 million people living at or below subsistence level
Put pressure on the Poor Law, which was unable to deal with the problem Charles Booth, Seebohm Rowntree researched and reported on conditions Government forced to address the problem of poverty

3. Constitutional problems – the vote (Most serious)
Steps had been taken to extend the vote since 1832
1867 working class men given the vote
By 1900 60% of adult males could vote
Resulted in different demands being placed on political parties as they had to win over working classes Question over extending vote further, eg to women, would divide both society and government making it most serious problem

Constitutional debates over the vote were the most serious problem in 1906 as they would have a long-lasting effect throughout first half of 20th century. It also encouraged further political debates eg over the role of the House of Lords, which the government would struggle to resolve

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