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Fielding claims ‘I describe not man but a species’. To what extent is the does Joseph Andrew’s journey depict a more pessimistic view of human nature than that depicted in the journey of Jake in Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises?

• While the geographical journey of Jake and Brett in Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises is greater than that of Joseph Andrews, his spiritual journey takes him much further than Jake and Brett.

An examination of human nature through a journey

Fear – Joseph Andrews

Fear is something that, while satirised in JA, is obviously very prevalent in his world; the fear of being robbed, the fear of dying, the fear of not being paid. There is a huge amount of fear in the world. Perhaps, Fielding satirises and makes light out of it because it would be too depressing to depict a world ravaged by this fear. People are therefore driven to act out of fear in some cases. Can be seen in two ways; either the world has so much cause to fear each other that humanity is in serious problems, or at least the world has feeling and is driven by feeling.

The Sun Also Rises

Fear is not something that seems to really exist here. The entire world seems desensitised. Completely opposite to the world of fear that Fielding mocks, Hemingway presents a rather emotionless world in which fear seems not to play a part. A comment on the state of humanity post WWI. There just isn’t that sense of feeling that exists in Joseph Andrews, everything seems driven by an inane search for meaning and fun which is never successful. The episode in which Jake returns to Spain after he leaves Brett for the mere reason that he wants to indicates this.

Love – Joseph Andrews

Again, love is show to be immature and naive and is mocked rather. However, love certainly plays an important part in the world. Perhaps lust is more important than love. The bond between Fanny and Joseph is indeed strong. Abraham Adams shows a love of God, especially...
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