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Luis Villalobos
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October 23, 2014
A1 UPi
How does leadership improve the effectiveness in Project Management?
Self-Management is the key. Through time project management has been associated with delivering a project on time and on budget. In the past decades, companies, stakeholders, project managers and all the parts involved in a project have been experiencing changes in the way projects are developed. The model world has realized that it is neither about planning nor the implementation of resources what makes the project manager´s performance effective or not. Due to the fact that projects are executed by human beings, the key to be an effective manager is “to use our awareness of our feelings to manage ourselves” (Marsino, 2013: 61). In order for a project to be successful, the manager needs managerial skills but also leadership skills. Both sets of skills together lead the project to effectiveness. The aim of this essay is to demonstrate how leadership is a magnificent skill to improve and develop the effectiveness in project management. This document will begin conceptualizing the definition of its topic and focus, so that it will lead to the main characteristics of both techniques and how they come together in a project to attain effectiveness.

According to Kendrick (2014: 86), leadership is inspiring others toward a shared objective throughout a project by improving the team motivation and enthusiasm, resulting in a like hood project success. Lock (2013: 16), says that project management is “the management discipline that plans, organizes and controls people, money and cash so that projects are completed successfully in spite of all the risks”. As noticed in these statements, both concede that people must be taken into account as an important factor of the project. Every team-work is consolidated by people, who are in charge of managing the effectiveness components, which are time, costs and people themselves. When these three...
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