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My role as an assessor is to check that the candidate has understood and is aware of the assessment process through the induction and GBT paperwork along side the awarding body standards and procedures. We discuss the appeals procedures and the candidate signs to ensure that they have seen and understood everything that has been discussed. To ensure that cost effective and appropriate opportunities are there for assessing performance and carrying out their assessment at convenient times for the candidate in their place of work. Carrying assessments can be changed to suit the candidate, for example if the candidate changes shift or job role. There are many types of evidence that can be used, such as photographs (if allowed by the company), work product, witness testimonies and questioning. Also including APL (Accredited Prior Learning) which can be used to cover mainly knowledge induction to company procedures, polices, regulation, legislations and equipment operating requirements. It also covers training such as First Aid, Health, Safety & Security and emergencies. I also look at the candidates requirements and make necessary arrangements to suit the candidate needs, such as language barriers, dyslexic and job role issues (night shift).

We also look at how we can use witnesses to help the candidate to cover performance criteria, knowledge and understanding. Also how I can support them to write an appropriate testimonies that cover the required standards and check there experience and competence as required. Signposting can be used to cover confidential work products as long I have seen the original document, I can confirm that it is the candidates own work. This will include accident reports, incident reports also candidates own supervision records. The most appropriate evidence will be used for the candidate portfolio and evidence that is cost effective timely.

If the candidate feels they are treated unfairly there is an...
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