A Separate Peace Relationship Between Gene And Finny

Topics: A Separate Peace, Interpersonal relationship, Jealousy Pages: 6 (1261 words) Published: November 23, 2015

In A Separate Peace by John Knowles, the main character, Gene Forrester, struggles with copious moral dilemmas while living at Devon, a boarding school. The author portrays Gene as a structured intellectual, who is shielded from the reality of World War II. As a result of this “separate peace”, he predominantly struggles with his self-integrity and, consequently, feels much jealousy towards his classmates at Devon. By examining Gene’s antagonistic behavior towards his peers, it is evident that personal insecurities can interfere with the integrity of every relationship.
Throughout the novel, it is clear that the main relationship is between Gene and his friend, Finny, and the impact of envy is proven through this correspondence. The book’s...

Elwin Lepellier is a timid boy that Gene befriends at Devon. After watching a video about the mountain division, Leper decides that he wants to enlist and, in turn, heads off to war. During his time serving, he starts having hallucinations and, as a consequence, is going to be discharged. However, before Leper was released from the armed forces, he runs away and immediately contacts Gene to come to the “Christmas location” (Knowles 137). Knowing that this is Leper’s house, Gene travels to Vermont and the two friends talk for awhile. After some time, Leper becomes hysterical and due to his new found bluntness, he accuses Gene of being a savage. He then says that Gene “knocked Finny out of the tree” (Knowles 145), because he wanted to be the lord of the manor. Gene, being enthralled with his guilt, has an extreme reaction and begins kicking the chair Leper is sitting in. This event helps the reader understand the full extent of Gene’s guilt, which is all rooted in the jealousy and envy he once felt. Gene struggles with the self-doubt that he is experiencing, while also dealing with the guilt he feels towards the occurrences on the tree. It is shown that this has a huge impact on the way he treats others and his relationships. Accordingly, his relationship with Leper provides details on how his personal insecurities have progressed into scores of other...
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