A Rhetorical Analysis Of Goldberg's Blogging

Topics: Rhetoric, Learning, Ethos, Audience, Logos, Intelligence / Pages: 5 (1124 words) / Published: Mar 31st, 2017
Do not sit in front of the TV and stare, instead go read a book: a saying most children have heard from adults multiple times over the years. Goldberg in his blog post, “If technology is making us stupid, it’s not technology’s fault” describes how the introduction of technology into our daily lives, brings plenty of learning opportunities to the fingertips of many people that were otherwise unavailable. Goldberg’s purpose is to convey the idea that technology is not at fault for the decrease in intelligence. He equips himself with a matter-of-fact tone to appeal to his audience of parents and teachers that technology isn't causing the decline and that it is actually a useful tool for learning. Using the three persuasive appeals of logos, ethos and pathos Goldberg effectively builds his argument to convince his audience that not every student learns and processes taught material in the same manner.
In his blog post Goldberg
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Goldberg is trying to reason with the audience that the younger generation is learning from their internet experiences, just in a different manner than previously done by those before them. This becomes clear with his nod to Matthew Arnold’s “so long as my library is just like your library” if everyone learned the same material humankind would never grow. In one particular instance he mentions Jane Austen, while being a great author she might not necessarily be for everyone. This is a clear example of Goldberg using pathos to relate to his audience he is trying to evoke a sense of understanding within the audience that technology is new but the learning experiences could be vast if given the chance. Another aspect of this section is his word choice where formerly the tone of the passages come across as formal this one is more laid-back which again is Goldberg attempting to connect to the audience using

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