A Passion For Internal Medicine
Topics: Medicine, Health care, Physician, Education, Learning, Medical school / Pages: 1 (135 words) / Published: Sep 7th, 2015

Today the roots of this profession are embedded deeply in my personality and it has been transformed into a strong passion. As I look back, I feel happy that choosing a career in medicine was the best decision I ever made. I am looking forward to a residency program in the US where I can cultivate this passion for Internal Medicine and acquire the knowledge and skills of latest advancements in this field. My compassion, dedication and hunger to learn and relearn, share and educate is what keeps me going and I believe that I would be the absolute right fit for your program. Your program has all the attributes that I yearn for my training. I am eagerly anticipating your response and I hope you will give me a chance to prove my worth.

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