A Character Analysis Of Raymond Carver's Cathedral

Pages: 4 (967 words) Published: March 8, 2016

An Character Analysis of “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver
The world is always in a silent combustion, there are lots of tormented soul cries during the combustion. People should get out of the silence. Let everyone in the world connected. The loneliness is like a evil snake, do not let it swallows every kind heart. Raymond Carver’s short story “Cathedral” expresses the feeling of loneliness and suggest that this kind of feeling can be changed by opening one’s mind and empathizing with others. The loneliness of the narrator is because of his closed-mindedness and unhealthy routine, however, the blind man challenges him to change.
The narrator is living in indifference; in other words, he is living in his own world. He closes his mind and doesn’t...

For helping the blind man, “I drew a box that looked like a hose. It could have been the house I lived in. Then I put a roof on it. At either end of the roof, I drew spires. Crazy.” The narrator, he is trying to help the blind man, which is something new that he never tried before, comparing to the beginning which is the narrator doesn’t accept any of the new thing, but now he is starting to try the new thing by himself. It is the beginning of changing. Then the blind man said, “Close your eyes now.” The blind man my have known what the cathedral looks like but because the blindness of narrator’s mind, he wants narrator to use his mind to imagine the cathedral, he is trying to open his mind. In fact, the blind man wants him imagine himself to be blind. The blind man can use their mind to see the world, on the contrary, the narrator can only see the world by his eyes. Finally, “I had my eyes closed. I thought I’d keep them that way for a little longer. I thought it was something I ought to do.” By imagining himself in another person’s situation which is empathizing withe others and the blind man’s encouraging, the narrator sees the thing in different angle, he opens his mind and finds out the meaning of his...
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