9th Class Holiday Home Work

Topics: Following, Jerome K. Jerome, Three Men in a Boat Pages: 3 (410 words) Published: May 20, 2012



• Project on any of the following mathematician:

1. Ramanujan

2. Phythagoras

3. Aryabhatta

4. Elucid

5. Bhaskara

• A model working or non working on any topic of mathematics of IX-X level.

• Do five questions daily in practice notebook for 30 days with dates.



Attempt all exercises on ruled sheets and present them in a file.

Maintain a content page(index)

From the MCB, make a photocopy of the page that introduces each unit and paste it on a ruled sheet. This should be placed in the file just before the pages on which the corresponding exercises (Homework) have been attempted.


Unit 1- People

Collect pictures of any two Political/ Business Leaders and write their biography (one page each).

Unit 2 – Adventure

Paste pictures of five Adventure Sports and write in detail about any one.

Unit 3 – Environment

Write an article on “Factors that have led to the crisis in the eco system” Illustrate with the help of pictures. (Content limit: 1-2 pages)

Unit 5 – children

Write articles on:

1) The Agony of Being a Girl Child 2) Child Labour – A Curse

Word limit – 120 words. Illustrations may be used.

Unit 6 – Sports and Games

Paste pictures of any three Sports’ Personalities and write a brief bio-sketch for each.#(refer MCB for formats)

2) Supplementary Reader:

Read the novel recommended by CBSE ‘Three Men in a Boat’ by Jerome K Jerome and write a book review keeping in mind the following points:-

1. Summary 2. Character sketch of main characters 3.Your reaction to the story. 4. If you were the writer what changes would you make in the story.


1. Prepare an album describing the plant and animal tissues with reference to the following:

a) Structure

b) Function

c) Location

2. Make a herbarium of...
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