94Fifty Basketball

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94Fifty Basketball

Nathaniel Pittman
Connor Cather
Business Technology

Executive Summary3
Description of Product4
Production/ Implementation7
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Executive Summary
The 94Fifty Basketball measures muscles memory that the human eye can’t see. This ball learns the strengths and weaknesses of an individual player at any level of the game as it studies the movement of the ball to assess various skills. These skills include backspin applied to the ball, the arch the ball travels, the amount of power the player dribbles the ball at, and the time the ball is shot. (Learn More, 2013) The 94Fifty Basketball is designed to improve the training experience of developing and developed players.

Description of Product
The 94Fifty Basketball takes a simple basketball and changes the interior to become a super basketball. This ball looks and feels like any other. It has the same height of 28.5 in, the same weight being 1.16 lbs, and the same length of 28.5, as every other basketball. (Infomotion 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball, 2014) The thing that separates this ball from the rest, is the fact that it has nine built-in sensors that collect a vast amount of data, records that date and sends it to any mobile devices, Ipads, or Ipod Touches that connect through Bluetooth. (PRWEB, 2013) The 94Fifty app recognizes the ball is ready for use when the ball is bounced three times. Once the app and the ball are paired, the ball will records and deliver results within a 100 of a millisecond from action to a visual display. (Linendoll, 2014) Info Motion Sports Tech has teamed up with Apple Inc. and Android to create an app every aspiring basketball player can use. By using the free app, players are able to access leader boards and compete head to head with up to five other players using the app. The competitions range from four different...

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