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Krystal Wu

Ms. Alex
Student should be rewarded for grade because getting reward motivates students to improve their learning skills which help them get good grade next time. Reward as a force motivates student to study so that student will spare no effect to achieve their goal, but students will meet many difficulties during learning process. For example, sometimes students may make many mistakes in math or reading. If student want to be excellent in every test, they must learn from errors. According to the article “Should Kids Be Bribed to Well in School?” , “When researchers asked them how they could raise their scores, the kids mentioned test-taking strategies like reading the questions more carefully” (57) Students learn reading the questions more carefully in order to improve their test-taking skills. Since students learn the test-taking skills, they do better in the tests than last time. They desire to get a good grade in the tests, they must correct all error in algebra test or in reading tests so that they will not make the same mistake in next tests, and then they can receive the rewards. If the students keep improving their learning skills, they will get the rewards, also they will do well in other tesks. In addition, student can be educated from learning and tests. From “Next Question: Can Students be paid to Excel?”, “Jazmin replied earnestly, “To show them we have education and we learn stuff from education and the tests” (66). Jazmin took eight standardized exams in school year. Not only he can get the reward from the tests, but also he can prove what he learns from classes and tests. That means getting rewards while they improve their learning. After students learn stuff from education and the tests, they correct the errors which they made in the pass. Students receive their reward from the good grades, but they must enhance their knowledge which helps them get the good grades.
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