9 Element of Brand Positioning

Topics: Marketing, Brand management, Competition Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Brand Postioning: brand positioning means emphasizing on distinctive characteristic of a product that makes it different from competitor’s product and it appeals to the public. It is the sum of total that differentiates one brand from another. Root Strength: It is the original product, value or belief that made a brand great and on its basis brand is now growing. Brand root strength may be a format of a product, distinctive features in a product. For example Sony’s first commercial product was transistor radios. Transistors were the distinctive feature in the product. Competitive environment: the market and alternative choices as seen by the consumer. A company is looking all the competitors for its product either related directly or indirectly. For Example: Coke would see all the manufacturers of soft drinks, juices, milkshakes, lassi, wines etc… Target: the target is the person or situation for which the brand is the best choice. It describes the chooser of the brands. This is the person for whom the brand is the first choice. Tarang is targeting Insight: insight is the deep understanding of consumer’s need and wants. Insight is not we observe in customer but it is the basic need due to which a consumer buys a product. Through insight a company can gain competitive advantage. For Example women use rexona to remove odor from their body, the ultimate aim of using rexona is that due to bad odor they will not feel confident or may be feel reluctant to go in public gathering. Benefits: benefits are the differentiating aspects in the product which motivate customer to purchase a product. Benefits provide customers’ with the solutions for their problems. They improve the overall life of a person. Benefits should be both functional as well as emotional. For Example: Head and shoulder anti dandruff removes my dandruff and it makes my hair beautiful. Now I look smarter. Values, beliefs and Personality: Values means what the brands stand for and what the brand...
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