9. the Big Cities Are Constantly Growing. Why Is This Happening, and What Problems Does It Bring? What Can Be Done to Improve People’s Lives?

Topics: Life, Environment, Economics Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: May 20, 2011
As the industries of the world are growing fast, urbanisation is proceeding so rapidly that it is generating largely unpredicted problems one hundred years ago. Although, of course, there can be some benefits like more employment and economic benefits, there are also bad effects like polluting our environments as lots of factories are built on the new areas following the urbanisation.

During the process of clearing out natural habitats as the first phase of the urbanisation, destroying an ecosystem existing on those areas is inevitable. Though governments are ocasionally keep them in its original condition for the image ofthe town when the habitats are small in size, normally, most of the living creatures in the areas are getting extincted. Nevertheless, this tragedy is happening even now for people's well-being itself.

A wide range of employment are offered in return. Many factories are built on the areas since economical benefit was the sole purpose of the urbanisation from the beginning, which will benefit to local economy, which goes to the wealth of government. Then the government find another place to develope.

While the country is becoming wealthy economically, it is also becoming poor environmentlly as a result of the exploiting. Toxic gases and severly polluted water from the factory will bring air, water pollution, which will eventually lead to the low quality of life.

Even though there was positive effects such as the increase of employment, urbanisation brought serious harmful effects on our environment. It seemed like we are improving our quality of life at the cost of destruction of ecosystem, was actually setting back in a long term. It is advisable for the nations to care more about the environment and to be critic on government's absurd decision.
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