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9 Parts of Speech

By cmenow Jul 23, 2010 353 Words
9 Parts of Speech
1) Verb-is a word that conveys action
a) Action verbs – Sheryl throws the ball.
b) Being/Linking – Sheryl is an intelligent woman. Max seemed very nervous. Hot chocolate taste good. c) Helping verb- Margaret did say that we’d leave at 9:30
be, have, do, may, must, can, could, would, should
2) Pronoun-is a pro form that substitutes for a noun
a) I-am, we-are, you(s)-are, you (p)-are, he/she/it-is, they- are b) Antecedent- the word that the pronoun refers to
The carpenter needs his tools.
Pronouns/antecedent must agree in 3 ways
a) person- If a person wants to succeed in life you have to know all the rules of the game b) number- If a person wants to succeed in life you have to know all the rules of the game c) Gender - If a person wants to succeed in life he/she have to know all the rules of the game 3) Noun- describes a person, place, or thing

a) Proper noun- a name/ anything that has a name
b) Common noun- anything that doesn’t have a name
c) Count noun- anything that can be counted with an s or made plural d) Collective noun- team, group, gang, family any group of people

4) Adjective- Describes nouns or pronoun
a) The huge dog ate my homework
Good, better, best – large, larger, largest

5) Adverb- Describes verbs (+adj +adv) most end in ly
a) He went fast. He went quickly. I watched the cars zip around the track. No adverb in this sentence 6) Preposition- a word that connects a noun, pronoun, or verb with some info about it. a) For, to, in, by, around, from, over, out of across, beside 7) Conjunction- connect sentences or sentences parts

a) Coordinating - For And Nor But Or Yet So
b) Subordinating – after, although, as, because
c) Correlative- not only/ but also both/ and neither

8) Interjection- words used to express an emotion
a) wow, cool
9) Article- Indicates a noun or pronoun
a) definite- the
b) indefinite – a, am

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