9/11 Safety before and after

Topics: United States Department of Homeland Security, Aircraft hijacking, Airport security Pages: 4 (1497 words) Published: December 7, 2014
Is the U.S really as safe as we think it is post 9/11? Some would say 9/11 is one of the most tragic events to ever happen to this country, and many would agree. Looking at how things have changed in this country to prevent events like these from happening again makes it obvious to realize that this country will do whatever it takes to make the people safer. The question is are we actually safer? and are the liberties that we sacrifice worth the security that we gain? After reading through numerous articles and statistics of whether people are actually safer or not the answer is we will never know. Through most of the publicity and some of the failed terrorist attacks like the time square bombing we might know that those attacks have been stopped. What we don’t know is how many attacks have we deterred? How many terrorists have we stopped from even attempting there attacks? Because knowing the security they have to go through is close to impossible.

So what changes did take place in national security? An article from a website called toptenz.net lists the Top 10 U.S. Government Changes Since 9/11 at number 10 the list suggests that the “September 11 attacks had an impact on the audiovisual entertainment business.Television coverage of the terrorist attacks and their aftermath was the longest uninterrupted news event in the history of U.S. television. It lasted for 93 hours, day and night. After 9/11, a collection of movies were cancelled that were in production, and many movies were edited.” from movies being edited to just plain old tv shows the images of the World Trade Center were either deleted or distorted.

At the first spot on the list the government created the United States Department of Homeland Security or (DHS). With more than 200,000 employees, DHS is the third largest Cabinet department in the U.S. Government. Homeland security runs along with many other agencies as well in order to keep the safety of the people a priority they work from the...
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