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Chevy Impala
Joe Smith
2012 Auto Technology II
Teacher Mr. John Forenz


There are many that will say that the modern version of the Chevrolet Impala is better than the original version and all the different versions in-between. If given the choice, I would still chose the driving experience of 1968 model. There have been many changes that were involved with the different generations of the Chevrolet Impala. The first Impala was introduced in the fall of 1957. The 2014 Chevrolet Impala has been introduced this month. General Motors had a great success in their making of the Chevrolet Impala. The people wanted a faster and more luxurious car. This is when the history of the Impala began. The name Impala came from the Southern African Antelope, which is a figure on the vehicles. The first year the Impala was introduced, it became the #1 seller for Chevrolet. The following year, it was the best-selling car in America. This honor was held for more than 10 years. The chief engineer for General Motor’s in the late ‘50’s, Ed Cole, defined the Impala as a “prestige car within the reach of the average American citizen.” (History of the Chevrolet Impala). There have been many generations of the Chevrolet Impala. The first Impala had Speaker Grills in the rear seat. In 1959 the Impala had the largest tail fins. The Super Sport Impala was introduced in 1961. “The ‘62 Super Sport was different from the regular Impala in that it came with bucket style front seats with a center console, a passenger assist bar, special emblems; wheel covers, side molding insert, rear cove molding, and bright metal transmission cover plate for four speeds.” The1964 model, had the largest displacement V8 available, the 409. That was the last year for this displacement. The final year for the speaker grill in the rear and emblems on the rear quarter was 1967. 1968 was when the safety belts became standard and the first year for the hideaway lights. The last convertible Impala made was in 1972 during its 5th generation. That was the year of their all time sales; topping the 10 million mark. Motor Trend Magazine awarded the full size Impala as its 1977 car of the year (History of the Chevrolet Impala). The 1980’s was a bad time for car manufacturers due to the poor economy. 1981 the Computer Command Control was introduced which improved drivability. There were no Impala’s built from 1984 until the 1992. In the 7th generation, the Impala SS was launched (1994), which first was only offered in black. By 1996 Dark Cherry and Blue/Green were added to the color choices. During the 8th Generation, the Chevrolet Impala LS was popular along with the SS model 2005 Impala 9C1 & 9C3, was only available to the Police and the Undercover Police Package, law enforcement agencies, Fire Departments, and ambulance. During the 9th Generation in each 2006, 2007, and 2008 Automotive Fleet and Business Fleet Magazines awarded the Impala Fleet Car of the Year. (History of the Chevrolet Impala).

Reasons why:
Safety belts in the 1968 Impala only covered the lap and safety belts in the 2014 Impala have shoulder and lap belts combined. The over the shoulder safety belt is an improvement in safety; however, sometimes it feels like it cuts at your throat and make you feel like you have a rash. The new 2014 Impala comes with airbags that did not exist in 1968. When you hit something (or someone hits you), the steering wheel opens up and the air bag pops out really fast (in less than a second). The airbags deflate a little bit but they inflate so fast you can’t even see it happen. I feel that these are an important safety device. The 1968 Impala used rear wheel drive and the new 2014 uses front wheel drive. In a rear wheel drive a rear wheel spins and in a front wheel drive the front wheel spins. Rear wheel drive...

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