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8600-308 Understanding Leadership Styles
The factors that would influence my choice of leadership styles would consist of defining the objective, identifying the task this is important as the team require to be informed clearly of the task in hand. I need to be knowledgeable and experienced in my role as Banking Services Team Leader to enable me to organise and plan the task and to take responsibility for my team and the outcome.

On planning the task I will consider my teams skill set and working styles to encourage maximum commitment and and effort. I would involve the team when making decisions encouraging them to help identify solutions and recommend changes where they would be advantageous.

Explaining the objective of the task clearly is important as each team member need to know their role and it importance.

Being available to listen to ideas and concerns and answer questions helps to create better relationships and earns more respect and confirming actions or ideas install confidence and enthusiasm in the team member.

Monitoring the progress of the task allows me to still have control over the final decision or the outcome whilst letting the team know I there to help or advise with any issues or uncertainty.

Recognition is always a major factor as we all like to praised for success and helps us learn from our mistakes.


My leadership style is recognised as Participating, the factors can be positive as by me being able to define the objective I can understand the task and pass the my knowledge and confidence onto my team increasing their competence in their role and they can recognise and understand their role in the task.

By working with their skill set I can pull on strengths of a team member, giving some team members additional coaching where required without necessarily making another feel uncomfortable, there could also be a negative to this in both feel competent but choosing one over the other, so I would...
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