8 Key Factors

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Assignment 1:8 Key Factors to Ensuring Project Success

(1)Do you agree with the 8 Factors the author proposes? Why?

Absolutely, I agree 100%.
To reference a more complex past/ongoing project as an example, I can state unequivocally that whenever one of the key factors outlined in the article was overlooked or outright ignored, the project suffered.

The initial Business Case was strong and clearly outlined to all involved. The greater purpose of the initiative was easily sold and everyone was enthused and onboard.

Outlining Critical Success Factors was less straightforward and it seemed that different stakeholders had slightly differing definition of what “success” meant as well as what was in fact “critical”. The opportunity to clarify was missed.

While Planning was, on the outset, thoroughly done and thought through, because the client was internal, they were overly involved with every stage, to the point where they negotiated our timeline away. In essence, we allowed them to dictate the When without also providing for the How.

Team Motivation was very strong out of the gate, but because we didn’t Say No as often as was warranted, that motivation was eroded as the project progressed. Another byproduct of not setting clear limits was incessant Scope Creep, with the client throwing in little modifications and additions to the specs with every status meeting. These soon added up to major additional work, and even adjustments to initial structure and rework.

However, because the communication of progress and status was done in a regular and systematic fashion, and because the team members worked well together, everyone did feel an obligation not to the let their team mates down, or to let any one player carry the weight on their own. Everyone chipped in and was committed, if not to the success of the Project, at least the success and survival of the collective. This in the end ensured the success of the Project.

In hind sight, the...
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