8 1/2 Federico Fellini

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8 ½ Federico Fellini
Film 8 ½ by Italian director Federico Fellini was one of the most influential film of the post-war 1960´s. Nevertheless, this film is an Italian comedy which was based on Guido Anselmi a famous Italian film director. Guido Anselmi has a mental block when it comes to his film, (“director‘s block”) and struggles with his flash backs, dreams, and reality. Guido desperately tries to find an inspiration to help him finish his film. However, with the wife, mistress, and friend’s pressure it becomes much harder for Guido to focus on his film production. This film was shot in black and white and yet of the depletion of technology and the un-discovery of color, Fellini still as a filmmaking director portrays the amusing and perplexing shots and scenes from the film in an engrossing way. Federico Fellini who directed the film gave the audience a new perspective of filmmaking and techniques. Fellini used several film techniques, but these two techniques stood out. Mise-en-scene and camerawork which both helped make this film one of the best of its time. On the other hand, Fellini was also one of the many film directors who used reflexivity, which means he created awareness of itself as a process as well as a process. This gave the film and audience an impression of what and how Federico Fellini works on his films. The audience can in a way get into Fellini’s mind and try to understand what it is that he is thinking or struggling with.

Federico Fellini made 8 ½ in a non-chronological way, which means that the film has no shot order. Guido’s dreams and reality intertwined throughout the entire film. This throws the audience off track but Guido’s on and off dream, memory and reality shot’s in the end come to making sense. Fellini used mise-en-scene for 8 ½. Mise-en-scene is a French term which means “what is put into the scene/frame”. Fellini knows the importance of lighting, background, and location. This is what makes the...
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