7th and 8th Grade

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Some of the most memorable events that happened in my life occurred during seventh and eighth grade. One of the most fond memories that I had was my seventh grade trip to Washington, DC. We took a class trip to Washington DC so that we could visit all the important historic monuments for history class. This was a very memorable event because all my friends had came on the trip and we all bonded while we were there which created stronger relationships between all of us. This made my year because I had never been on a trip like that before the furthest I’ve been out of state at the time was probably Maine. Another memorable event that occurred in 7th grade was when I got suspended for bringing fire crackers to school. LOL. That day I got arrested by officer Patraca. The only reason why I got caught that day is because of Pete Debraska , he cried to the teachers when he found out I had them. Since that day I have had a record so obviously as you see it will be a day I remember and it was a memorable because I learned a lot from that mistake. After the two weeks of suspension I was riding my dirt bike down the dirt road I live on and all of a sudden I gain conscience back in the hospital. I found out that I had fallen, ruptured my spleen and tore two out of three ligaments in my shoulder. Pretty crazy memories from 7th grade but they are definitely easy to recollect.
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