7s Model Analyse for Tobacco Industry

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Research Methods

Q1: What is the purpose of reviewing the literature in relation to influencing the approach to an MBA project and its reporting?

Literature is the collective body of literary productions, embracing the entire results of knowledge and fancy preserved in writing; also, the whole body of literary productions or writings upon a given subject, or in reference to a particular science or branch of knowledge, or of a given country or period. (Anon n.d.)

The litarature is about the knowledge of certain perspective (industry) or organisation you focus on no matter you are working in it. Especially in a project of MBA programe, which might be out of your working environment, the academic knowledge is essential.

MBS RSM Study Guide (n.d.) argues that literature should be viewed to support to complete a good quality project in two ways: firstly, although the project is not academic job, literatue can provide learning for the substantive elements of the project. Secondly, the literature can demonstrate how to make sure the study is methodologically acceptable and conforms to the conventions of a research project.

Literature is not the stuff to giving firm answer but helping how to find the right clue out of the questions and how to establish the framework to the questins.

Hofstee (2006) denonstrate that a good literature review serves several purposes:

Credentials are established based on good organising, objective discussing after deep, broard reading and investigation. Most important is the reader must believe the topic is well investigated and there is no much points to be doubted.

Theory base
The ideas/thoughts you developed must be based on a theory base what is the acdamic terms of the aspects of the project. Only based on theory base, you would know what they are and why they work and you can explain why your thoughts would be likely to work. Even likely there will be conflicting theories, you should find the theories related to the topics and argue with the theories on the opposite side which can bring more ideas and background knowledge to suppoer completing the work.

Context and Significance.
The work shall be located in the work of others. The context of the work will be clear by the work of you are going to do and the work most closely related. Context is related to signicance which means the readers shall have little doubt after reading the work that the work has some significance.

Your work must be original if it was not found the same has done before. This leads to the new knowledge to the readers for the topics you have discussed in your work.

A good literature review is comprehensive, critical and contextualised. That means that it will provide the reader with a theory base, a survey of published works that pertain to your investigation, and an analysis of that work.

Saunders et al (2009) demonstrate the similiar thoughts that reviewing the literature will critically provide the foundation on which your research is built. Its main purpose it to help you to develop a good understanding and insight into relevant previous research and the trends that have emerged. You would not expect a scientific researcher inquiring into the causes of cot death to start his or her research without first reading about the findings of other cot death research. Likewise, you should not expect to start your research without first reading what other researchers in your area have already found out.

The precise purpose purpose of your reading of the literature will depend on the approach you are intending to use in the research. The approach style will be discussed later. The purpose of literature review is not to provide a summary of everything of the the research topic, but to review the most relevant and significant research on the topic.

Based on Saunders et al (2009)’s theory, there are some other purposes: - to further refine the...
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