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7S MODEL OF KRAFT FOODS LTD:(source: google)
Their company employs more than 98,000 people in 70 countries. They have hundreds of facilities worldwide, including office, plants, sales and distribution centres. They are committed to creating an environment where their people do their best work, contribute to Kraft’s success, and manage their work life. They believe that people develop on the job by doing stimulating and challenging work, learning from others, and receiving feedback. Their employees realize their potential through development, coaching, mentoring, and training programs.

Their Workforce

Their business teams require a variety of thought, energy and insight to attain and maintain a competitive edge. They know that the strength of their company lies in the combined contributions of the individuals who make up their business teams.


They’re striving for top-tier financial performance. And they have their strategies in place to get us there.

Build a High-Performing Organization.

It’s no coincidence that their first strategy is about their people – since their employees are the ones powering their success. They have a strong leadership team. They have a simplified organization that puts local business units at the heart of the company so decisions are made closer to the consumer.

Reframe Their Categories

They market many of the world’s leading and most beloved food brands. And want their delicious products to give consumers millions of smiles every day. They’re doing this by focusing on building a global powerhouse in snacks, confectionery and quick meals … more delicious than ever.

Exploit Their Sales Capabilities

Kraft foods taking full advantage of their size and broad reach . It has one of the largest and most powerful sales forces in the food industry. This gives kraft an advantage that other competitors simply can’t match. In the U.S., store managers have a single sales representative who handles all of their products. In developing markets, they are expanding their distribution in smaller traditional outlets.

Drive Down Costs without Compromising Quality

For them, product quality always comes first. But they also always look for ways to reduce costs, so they can invest more in making truly delicious products that people love. R Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is cheesier. Milka chocolates have improved packaging. And their Planters nuts use higher quality ingredients, like sea salt. Style

At Kraft Foods, their work and life is about one’s life and his/her job and career. They are a winning organization and they believe in the winning spirit both at work and at home. This drives all that they do and they understand that employees who effectively manage their work and personal lives are winners and productive contributors to business.

Their Culture of Professional Development

An Environment that works to bring ones best.

At Kraft Foods, employee development is more than just training; it’s a way of life. They hire talented people, provide them with challenging opportunities and engage them in their development. The result is an organization of talented, engaged and committed employees who rank among the world’s top business professionals.

The Workplace

Their headquarters location located in Northfield, IL, and their management centres located in Tarrytown, NY, , IL, Madison, WI, and NJ are all active business centres. Each has its own personality and attitude. They each offer extensive convenience services, helping to make their busy lives a little less hectic. Also, all sites observe an "appropriate attire" policy, enabling employees to choose to wear traditional business attire or less formal alternatives. Systems

The GIS organization at Kraft Foods is as varied as Kraft Foods itself, serving the diverse needs of Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain,...
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