7p of Marketing

Topics: Pain, Analgesic, Tramadol Pages: 7 (1265 words) Published: April 22, 2009
Name:Shallini Sharma
Regd. No.: 2020070004
Class & Sec.:MBA (A)
Name & address of org.:Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory,
Hyderabad. Training Supervisor’s Name:Mr. Bindusar Kalia
Designation:Professional Service
Representative. Mobile No.:9876899208

My professional Profile:

Respected sir,
I am conducting a survey for Dr. Reddy’s lab. in Pathankot & Jalandhar to check the sales potential ➢ Pain Management, &
➢ Desensitizer toothpaste.

I was asked to find out four things during the survey-
➢ Which pain killer salt is sold most,
➢ Approx quantity of pain killers which are being sold most frequently by retailers, ➢ Which brand of pain killers are leading the market
➢ Mode of selling.

My typical Day on training:

As I have already written that I am conducting a survey for the respective company in the market, I am enjoying this job. I have been allotted a sample size of 200 chemists or retailers (in Ptk. & Jalandhar together) out of which I have already covered 110 shops (approx). Most probably I’ll be finishing my survey by 28th of July, if everything goes in favor. Usually I start my survey at 11o’clock in the morning & I always try to cover 10-15 medical stores in a day. I have made a questionnaire based on the above mentioned things to find out during the survey. I always try to cover all the medical shops in a particular area. Like I have recently visited Jalandhar Cantt. as usual I started my survey at 11:30 A.M and covered 17 shops in cantt. market in a single day. The only problem I am facing during the survey is, I am not well known to the interior of the city. To tackle with this situation, I always consult my friends who are already in this field, before going for the survey. Usually I prefer to work in between 12:00 P.M to 3.00 P.M. because during this time span, it is some what easier to get the desired information from the chemists.

About My Training Supervisor

My training supervisor, Mr. Bindusar Kalia, is working as Professional Service Representative at LDH. He is a Pharma Graduate. When I asked about the challenges in his job, he said the main challenges in their job- ➢ is to achieve the target allotted to them in the stipulated period of time, & ➢ to get the time & attention of the doctors.

But on the other hand he said that they are enjoying their job as well.

They use to meet a different-different person daily which is really an exciting thing. By meeting different people they use to get new experiences in the life. Moreover the working hours are up to 3:00 P.M only. They have to visit to the doctors & hospitals mainly.

If I am asked to do the same job, for sure I’ll be going for it. As I am also a Pharma graduate, so I would like to join a pharmaceutical industry. And as we know that the entry level in the field of marketing is sales, so I would like to work as a Professional Service Representative, for a reputed pharmaceutical MNC like Dr. Reddy’s pharmaceutical.

To check the sales potential '
➢ Pain Management, &
➢ Desensitizer toothpaste, in Jalandhar and Pathankot (medical stores)

1. To find out the sales potential of Desensitizer toothpaste & analgesics of various brands in the market,
2. To find out the effect of various factors on the sale of Desensitizer toothpaste & analgesics in the market.


During the training, I came to know about the practicality of the marketing field. I also came to know the exact position of the various brands in the market. I got to know the various factors which have an impact on the increase & decrease sales of the products of a...
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