7cs of Communication

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7Cs of Communication

Correct communication is an error-free communication.At the time of encoding, if the encoder has comprehensive knowledge about the decoder of message, it makes the communication easy. The encoder should know the status, knowledge and educational background of the decoder. Correctness means: Use the right level of language

Correct use of grammar, spelling and punctuation
Accuracy in stating facts and figures
Correctness in message helps in building confidence

Clarity means getting the meaning of messages accurately form the head of the sender into head of the receiver. An ambiguous message will not be able to make effective communication. When the subject matter is clearly presented communication becomes effective. Clarity of communication can be achieved in following ways:

Use simple words. Example: use ‘home’ instead of ‘domicile’, use ‘show’ instead of ‘demonstrate’ etc. •Use single words. Example: use ‘now’ instead of ‘at the present time’. •Use short sentences and paragraphs. Try to keep average sentence length within 17 to 20 words. Clarity makes comprehension easier.

3. Completeness

The subject matter of communication should be complete. It should not be partial or incomplete message. Complete message contains all necessary facts and information that the readers or receivers need to understand. The receiver should get a clear idea about the subject matter. Incomplete message create confusion or misinterpret or irritate the readers or receivers.

Check for ‘5 W’ questions- who, what, where, when and why. For example, while announcing a meeting, specify i. When the meetin is to be held?
ii. Where it is to be held?
iii. Why it is to be held?
iv. What is to be discussed in the meeting?
v. Who is to attend the meeting?
Completeness brings the desired response.

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