7 C’s of Effective Business Communication

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7 C’s Of Effective Business Communication

To compose effective written or oral messages, you must apply certain communication principles. These principles provide guideline for choice of content and style of presentation, adapted to the purpose and receiver of your message. These principles are not only limited to a sentence level, they are also applicable to all forms of communications, from mere utterances and sentences to complete documents or presentations. To some extent the principles overlap because they are based on a common concern for the audience, whether that audience consists of listeners or readers. These principles are called “Seven C’s”, these are completeness, conciseness, consideration, concreteness, clarity, courtesy, and correctness.

The Seven C’s are as follows:

1) Completeness
Message Receiver- either listener or reader, desire complete information to their question. e.g. suppose you are working with multinational company who is engaging with engineering goods, like A.C. Now let say one of your major customer wants some technical information regarding “thermostat” (because he wants to convey the same to the end users). In this case you have to provide him complete information in a short span of time. If possible, provide him some extra information which he does not know, in this way you can maintain a good business relation with him, otherwise he may switch to another company. Five W’s:

One way to make your message complete is to answer the five W’s. •WHO•WHAT•WHEN•WHERE•WHY
The five question method is useful when you write requests, announcements, or other informative messages. For instance, to order (request) merchandise, make clear WHAT you want, WHEN u need it, WHERE it is to be sent.

2) Conciseness
Conciseness means “convey the message by using fewest words”. “Conciseness is the prerequisite to effective business communication.” As you know that all businessmen have very short time. Hence a concise message saves the time and expenses for both the parties. How to achieve the conciseness?

For achieving the conciseness you have to consider the following. 1. Avoid wordy expression
2. Include only relevant material
3. Avoid unnecessary repetition.
Avoid Wordy Expression
E.g. Wordy: - at this time. Instead of “at this time” you can just use only a concise word: - NOW, Always try to use “To the point Approach” in business scenario perspective. Include only relevant information

•Always try to provide only relevant information to the receiver of the message. Let’s say one of your customers requested •For clients of the company
o in reply you should provide simply list of clients at the panel of your company. o No need to provide detailed business information about client at all. •Observe the following suggestions to “Include only relevant information.” •Stick to the purpose of message Delete irrelevant words Avoid long introduction, unnecessary explanation etc. Get to the important point concisely. Avoid un-necessary Repetition

Sometimes repetition is necessary for focusing some special issue. But when the same thing is said without two or three reasons, the message become wordy and boring. That’s why try to avoid Un-necessary repetition. Some ways to eliminate unnecessary words

Use shorter name after you have mentioned the long once. e.g. Spectrum communications Private limited use spectrum. Use pronouns or initials E.g. Instead of world trade organization use WTO or You can use IT for Information Technology. (Keeping in views that receiver knows about these terms)

3. Consideration
Consideration means – To consider the receiver’s Interest/Intention. It is very important in effective communication while writing a message you should always keep in mind your target group consideration is very important “C” among all the seven C’s. Three specific ways to indicate consideration

•Focus on “you” instead of...
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