7 ways your siblings may heave shaped you

Topics: Birth order, Sibling, Parent Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: October 30, 2014
7 Ways Your Siblings Have Shaped You:
Brothers as guidance can be bad at sometimes. Siblings are a blessing and a curse. A sibling is the longest relationship most people will have. people can be more affected/shaped by their siblings than by their parents. siblings shape each other in important ways. Siblings can buffer stress, provide good practice for interacting with peers and a good relationship with peers. They may help raise our vulnerability towards mental-health issues like depression. They can make us fall into bad behavior such as drinking, smoking, ect. Also they can boost our love life by an opposite sex sibling will help you by they will have more direct access to the world of the opposite sex. they may make us strive to be like them or different like he’s the athletic one, I’ll be the smart one. lastly they may make us jealous of romantic partners by young adults who feel their parents were favored by the parents are found to have distress in relationships later in life. Do you have any siblings? Even though they can be annoying and mean, they’re a big impact on your lives. They can impact your life in negative and positive ways. In the story article by M. Farouk Radwan, it says that the middle child might feel unloved with lack of self-esteem. In the article by Lindsay Lyon, it states “They may buffer stress” and “They can grease a slide into bad behavior”. Use proper format. In the article “The Science of Siblings” by Bernie Hobbs, it states that “firstborns have an advantage over the rest of us when it comes to educational achievement, income and employability”. Extra Space here

In the article, “The Achiever, the Peacemaker, and the Life of the Party: How Birth Order Affects Personality”, by Dr.Gail Gross, it states that parents are different with each of their children. The firstborn child is over-responsible, reliable and are practically the same as their parents. The eldest is programmed for excellence and is an over achiever....
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