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Topics: Boarding school, Sociology, Social status Pages: 3 (846 words) Published: December 4, 2013

Seven Up (Bruce)

During the documentary, many of the fundamental concepts of development over the lifespan were displayed. Out of the “seven up” group I decided to focus on Bruce. Although the group of seven came from a very diverse socioeconomic background they are all British. I was particularly interested in how Bruce would turn out, in regards to his influences of culture, class, socioeconomic status, personal attributes, and available role models.

In the Bruce’s background I observed that he seemed to be a little better off than the others in the group of seven. I say this because his family sent him off to a boarding school. Boarding schools can be rather expensive relative to the institution. They are also a little stricter in disciple and learning, with a very robust discipline system. As far as socioeconomic class, I believe Bruce may have a better chance at succeeding because, according to our Human development book, “High socioeconomic status is an important predictor of academic success, according to a study…”. One of Bruce’s main sources for influence is his boarding school environment. Bruce states, “I think discipline is fair enough” which contradicts what the film says about the average 7 year not thinking too much or not understanding discipline. The film also says, “This distinction between freedom and discipline is the key to their whole future”.

It’s hard for me to make a creative prediction about how Bruce’s racial or ethnic heritage has or will influence his future. Bruce seems to be very calm, well organized, and confident. He’s a white British male living in England. Ethnically and racially he’s at home with others just like his self, so many of the customs, traditions, and language Bruce should be familiar with while growing up amongst others like himself.

Bruce’s gender and his influence on his sense of future prospects is another area that is hard to analyze. When Bruce speaks it’s never for a long period of time but...
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