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Every decision we make has consequences whether it is good or bad. Starting from the age of seven and beyond is when things start to matter and we grow and mature experiencing the world around us. It’s amazing how perfectly this series portrays how physical maturity and wisdom happens within a short time but inner growth happens over a span of time. Each day brings new opportunities and it’s up to us to choose what to make of it. This documentary made me feel like I was experiencing life before my time and made me learn from the mistakes of past generations. After all, history does manage to repeat itself. Even though we all want to make our own mistakes and learn from them but what’s the harm in prior knowledge and advice? The first episode seemed a little boring or the most uninteresting but it amazed me how authentic and up front these seven year olds were. They were bursting with enthusiasm, dreams, and aspirations. The main theme in this series is definitely to make the most of what you have.

As one of the characters had said, “Only life can prepare you for life.” An important factor in life is making the right decisions. Either way can change your life completely. Parents also have a big role in making decisions that can change our lives forever. But in the end those decisions are what makes us, us. What makes the seven up characters who they are? They came from different generations, backgrounds, and cultures. Compared to our generation, they grew up by doing everything the long and hard way. Or so we think. But that doesn’t mean we can’t compare ourselves to them because even though we might have different standards and different experiences, we can understand the growing up stage and the family issues.

This series shows how people look at what they have and how they treat it through the years, whether they are thankful or not. The upper class kids had everything they could possibly imagine. But at the age of seven you can see that they kept wanting more, even if they had 20 times as much as someone who would be considered “poor”, they would still throw it away at the end. The lower class kids who hardly had anything at the age of seven were the brightest and happiest kids on the program. Even if they were wearing hand me downs and eating not as great food, it was what they were used to. So if we all had only what we needed, would the world be a better place?

Although in my opinion, all the characters from the series had boring lives. They were all in the same format. “The prep-school to the Marlborough High School to the Oxbridge University and etc. conveyor belt.” The same story line in every life, but what happens in between the lines is what made the series intriguing and unique. However, in the end it all came down to one thing, happiness. The most import lesson in the series is that sometimes you have to step off the path of what you know to find out what is right.

I learned a lot life lessons that I could apply to my life throughout watching this series. Even though the characters weren’t perfect and didn’t always pick the right choices but it was interesting to see how those decision reflected the rest of their lives, and their happiness. It made me think about my own life and how just a matter of one decision could completely change my life. It taught me to choose wisely whether it be my future partner or my future career. All the characters that married had changed for better or for worst. This made me think about how a lot of people these days and in past generations take that subject so lightly when they shouldn’t.

The character I related to least was Nicholas because he grew up very isolated from society, which made him kind of awkward and shy. But one thing I admire about him is his...
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