7 Universal Laws

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The 7 Laws of the Universe
Well, here's something very interesting that I stumbled across. They are called the 7 Universal Laws. They are laws that govern the comparison of your conscience to the workings of the universe. They were hard to understand, so I took them and rephrased them into purely scientific laws that everyone can understand. Hope you see the truth. P.s. These are my explanations, please respect that and do not use them as your own Thanks!

1) The Law of Vibration: Everything in the universe is always moving and never stationary. The universe is always changing, even all the way down to the atomic level. Everything in the universe is either osculating or moving in a certain direction.

2) The Law of Gestation: Everything in the universe has both "male" and "female" aspects. Male being able to give and female being able to receive. Even atoms have the ability to give and receive. This law also states that anything that happens in the universe will always happen over a period of time. Any event the happens in the universe has a natural flow and is never instantaneous.

3) The Law of Relativity: Nothing in the universe has quality until it is compared to something else. An object isn't big or small, heavy or light, or even a certain color until it is compared to another object.

4) The Law of Polarity: Everything in the universe has an opposite. Positive/Negative, Hot/Cold, Matter/Anti-matter. This law only exists because of the third law, because when making a comparison there will always be a greater than or a less than, two equal sides of the story. The way I like to think of this is that every good or bad thing that happens to you has an equal and opposite impact on your life. Like for example, When I got assigned my room at the barracks I got placed on the inside corner room which are the biggest rooms in my barracks, but with that it takes longer for my room to heat up and its always colder were my bed is because I have bolted...
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