7 Stories Plot Line

Topics: Shut up, Jump, Jumping Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: September 12, 2010
The play opens on the outside of an apartment building, presumably on the seventh floor, with Man standing on a ledge considering jumping. He is just about to jump when the window beside him opens and Charlotte and Rodney are wrestling over his wallet. Rodney begins to strangle her when the man interrupts and asks him to release her. They then notice Man on the ledge. We learn through their bickering that Rodney is married and a lawyer and Charlotte is a poet who is having an affair with him. Eventually Rodney has had enough of her blabbering and holds a gun to her head and tells her to get inside. She calmly excuses herself and slowly closes the window. Then a shot goes off! Jennifer opens her window above Man at a party and asks if there was gunfire? She chats with Man until Leonard opens his window in his pyjamas and tells her to shut up. She continues to talk nonsense so Leonard closes his window again. Jennifer then talks to Man about how SHE has considered jumping off a ledge. When he doesn't talk to her, she gets bored and returns to the party. Leonard returns and Man tries to convince him to call the police there has been someone shot next door to him. Leonard refuses on the basis he did not hear a shot and the police will declare him insane. They talk in circles as Leonard becomes more and more paranoid until he falls asleep at the window. Man knocks on the couples window and finds out from Rodney it was the wall he hit. We hear Charlotte inside amused by his concern. Rodney slams the window shut and wakes Leonard. Leonard and Man continue to talk in circles about conspiracy and whether Leonard is insane. We find out that Leonard is a psychiatrist. After Leonard closes his window again, Marshall goes out on the ledge in a tux to have a smoke. He notices Man and offers him one, so Man moves along the ledge to get it when Leonard returns, and does another crazy conversation before he closes the window again. Marshall then tells man he is in disguise...
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