7 points of support

Topics: Marvel Comics, Superman, DC Comics Pages: 4 (867 words) Published: February 25, 2015
Latarius mays
7ponit of support

The movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the best movie ever the reason why that is the director have great cast members of the movie, it show good 3D effects the animator also redesign the characters for the movie. Although it will had to surpass this excellent movie they made but they should make other great movies. The second point is that they should make a Devil May Cry movie because, first, they made video game about it. The second reason that comic book artist made a comic book about the character and they even put it online. Finally the animator made an anime series about it. My third point that Drake and Josh and Kenan and Kel have in common is they both are sitcom and have comedy on two teenage boys who go on misadventures, getting into trouble, and being on top. They also have little sisters that get on their nerves. They broadcast this at the same studio known as Nickelodeon Studio. The Kenan and Kel show was broadcast from July 15, 1996-2000, and Drake & Josh broadcast their show from January 11, 2004-2007 in September. A fourth point the movie Twilight Saga is better than the book, and the reason why that is live action based on the story. In books they don’t have Waylon Forge. In the movie, they show him and don’t have half of all the characters. In the novel some characters are missing but in the movie they do. Half of it I am not certain cause I only read half the story. A fifth point are Marvel movies is better than DC movies. The reason is that Marvel has action pack adventure. From marvel .com for example “Ironman actually had quite a serious plot to begin with –terrorist kidnapping the death of a close friend, and call to defend those who had been victimized.” But DC its shows some reality of serious themes of anger, resentment and vengeance emphasized, in order to tell a story. Arguably batman is more about Bruce Wayne for example it shows what happen to his parents’ death. A second reason DC...
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