7 Habits of Academically (and Otherwise) Effective Bitsians

Topics: Academia, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Lecture Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: April 17, 2013
7 Habits of Academically (and Otherwise) Effective BITSians
Habits 1-3: Grades, tests, lectures; the usual academic fluff. One: Don’t fall for the branch transfer delusion
You must have tried that before, but for purposes of demonstration, I insist you try licking your nose. There. A branch transfer, or a ‘verti’, as it is known in common parlance, is a secret ambition of every other starry-eyed fresher. That is just about as difficult as what the aforementioned activity, if you actually tried it. Many a BITSian in the past have lay waste their 1-2s (second semester of the first year) after living like a hermit in their first semester to attain said ‘verti’. Take my word; anything above an 8 is awe-inspiring. Two: Browse through the book before a lecture

It may take a fortnight, a month, or a mid-sem, but it will happen to you. The hallowed zero-attendance policy will seize you with its hoop, leaving you immobile. Climate, distance from your hostel and odd timings are but preliminary adversaries. Persistence and guilt may still drag you to the LTC, but your mind will refuse to board the Concorde Jet that the series of September-November lectures is. The only trick is to read up before the lecture. As long as you can follow even 70% of what is being taught, you’ll keep attending lectures. Keep spinning the hoop. Three: Make the most of (and attend) tutorials

Tests happen when you miss a tute. Everyone says that; it’s the very first of the popular BITS Tips. But tests also happen when you do actually manage to move your hinds out of bed at for the first hour tutorial. Make sure you haven’t braved the 8 am Pilani cold and damned your cerebral cortex for nothing. Study before tutes. A lot of shrewd wannabe ghots build their CGs around them; don’t let relative grading get the best of you. Habits 4-6: Co-curriculars, clubs and departments, DC++; Life in the village. Four: Keep yourself involved

Despite all you’ve read so far, in all probability you’ll find...
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